Here are a few videos about cybercars concerning real systems, experimentations and conferences. If you have an interesting video on the same topics, please send it to Michel Parent (michel.parent at

Real Systems in Operation

Navya at EDF in Civeaux, France (since April 2016)

Personal Rapid Transit and Masdar City PRT (since 2011)

Heathrow PRT (since 2011)

Vulcania CTS (since 2005?)

ParkShuttle in Rotterdam (since 1998)


First look inside Waymo’s self-driving taxis (Oct. 2018)

NEXT test vehicle (2017)

Tesla Autopilot Full Self Driving Demonstration (Nov 18 2016)

NVIDIA AI Car Demonstration (Sept. 2016)

Gateway Project (May 2016)

CityMobil2: Trikala demonstration (Jan. 2016)

Varden Labs demonstrates self-driving shuttle at Fresno State (2016)

Another Stupid Video (with Tesla) (2015)

Wanke Demonstration (China, 2015)

CityMobil2 – Vantaa demo (July 2015)

CityMobil2 – Lausanne demo (June 2015)

CityMobil2 – La Rochelle demo (April 2015)

Ready for the roads (Google car, May 2015)

Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road (TED, March 2015)

Self-driving car: Experience a ride (2015)

EZ-10 from EazyMile at EPFL (Jan. 2015)

Bosch : Traffic Jam Assist (CES 2015)

Audi Piloted Drive in Las Vegas (Jan. 2015)

Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept @ Hockenheim – The highlights (2014)

Riding “shotgun” in a Q50 (2014)

Google’s cybercar (2014)

Inria – Cybercars and the city of the future (2010)

Google Self-Driving Car Prototype: Videos (2014)

Volvo Drive Me Autonomous Driving Project (2014)

Google Self-Driving Car on City Streets (2014)

Mercedes S500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE Prototype (2013)

MB Self-Driving Manheim to Pforzheim (2013)

PROUD2013 – Inside VisLab’s driverless car (2013)

“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax – Top Gear – Series 19 – BBC (2013)

General Motors’ EN-V concept (2012)

Vislab Intercontinental Challenge (2012)

Démonstration de Cybercars à La Rochelle (mai – juillet 2011)

Navette sans chauffeur à La Rochelle – C’est ma Terre – CityMobil (2011)

Autonomous Audi TT Pikes Peak Self-Driving Test Car (2010)

The B2 – a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle (2004)

Movemile Coimbra CTS (2005?)

Presentation of the CyCab (1998?)

CyCab in Versailles (1996)



Waymo Livestream Unveil: The Next Step in Self-Driving. March 2018

MIT Self-Driving Cars: Sacha Arnoud, Director of Engineering, Waymo (Feb. 2018)

Shared Autonomy. Morgan Stanley. Sept. 2016

Alain Kornhauser: Self Driving vs Driverless (Jan. 2017)

Astro Teller: The Difficult Part of Building Driverless Cars (2016)

The simple solution to traffic (2016)

Beyond Smart Cities: The Future of Urban Mobility (CES 2016-Jan.)

Chris Urmson TED-X Talk (March 2015)

Philip Crist: How shared self-driving cars could change city traffic (OECD 2015)

Dr Chris Urmson (2015 ITS America Annual Meeting Opening Plenary Keynote)

Dr Alain Kornhauser, Princeton U. (CES 2015)

Dr. Dieter Zetsche – Mercedes-Benz – KEYNOTE 2015 at CES

Driving Disrupted: Driverless Cars Change Everything (SlideShare)

The Future of Computer Vision and Automated Driving by Prof. Amnon Shashua (Mobileye)

California Public Hearing – Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Insurance Issues (Sept. 15, 2014)

Google’s Car Guru Talks About a Future of Wildly Safe Roads

Self-driving cars and the future of robotic automotives – Brad Templeton (23mn)

Rodney Brooks on Cars as Robots (3mn)

Anthony Levandowski, Project Lead, Google Driverless Cars (52mn)

The future of the automobile: Michel Parent at TEDx University of Leeds (20mn)

New Transportation Systems. Example of greater Paris by Michel Parent (One hour!)

Zach Ware – Project 100 – Tech Cocktail Conversations

Dan Sturges “Massive World Improvements”