Key Players

Manufacturers     Software companies    Research Centers

Manufacturers of cybercars (excluding auto manufacturers)

Specific Cybercars are already manufactured by a number of European, US and Asian companies. Here are some that we know, more or less in their order of appearance on the market:


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Navia Technology


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Companies Involved in Automated Vehicles Software


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Research Centers Involved in Cybercar Research

Here are some key research labs involved in active research on cybercars (the numerous labs working on automated vehicles outside the scope of cybercars are not listed):


IIIS – Griffith University (Brisbane) Contact: Professor Ljubo Vlacic


CyberC3 – Jiao Tong University, (Shanghai) Contact: Professor Ming Yang


IMARA – INRIA (Paris) Contact: Dr Fawzi Nashashibi

CAOR – Mines-ParisTech (Paris) Contact: Dr Arnaud de La Fortelle

LASMEA – University of Clermont-Fd  Contact: Dr Laurent Trassoudaine


CTL – University of Rome  Contact: Dr Adriano Alessandrini


Transport and Mobility – TNO (Delft) Contact: Dr Marten Janse


ISR – Coimbra University Contact : Professor Urbano Nunes


ERI@N – NTU  Contact: Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar

SMART – NUS Contact : Professor Daniel Hastings (MIT)


Tecnalia (Bilbao) Contact: Dr Alberto Peña


VPPL – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne  Contact: Prof. Philippe Vollichard


TRG – University of Southampton Contact : Professor Mike Mc Donald

Robocar – University of Oxford Contact: Professor Paul Newman


MediaLab – MIT (Cambridge) Contact: Dr Retro Poblano

CAR, Stanford University Contact: Professor Chris Gerdes

CERT – University of California at Riverside  Contact: Professor Matthew Barth

PAVE – Princeton University Contact: Professor Alain Kornhauser

SMART – MIT Contact : Professor Daniel Hastings